• EMBA part2/3 students : Register Courses

    EMBA part2/3 students shall register FIN745, ECO740, MKT750. EMBA part 3 shall register extra subject that is ABR794. EMBA part 4 register INB780, MGT790, GBI795 and ABR796.

  • Part 2 & 4 Students: Register Courses

    For Part 2 Students of MACC, please register courses of management control and decision making (MAC700), accounting in specialize industry (ACC721) and seminar in issues and development in auditing (AUD722). For Part 4 students, please register Financial Statement Analysis (FMC770), Accounting in specialize industry (ACC721) and Corporate Governance (ACG704)".

  • ABR794 & ABR796

    EMBA Part 3 students shall register ABR794 (proposal) while EMBA Part 4 register ABR796 (presentation).

  • Book Vouchers

    The book vouchers are not available yet for postgraduate students. We will make further announcement once we receive information of book vouchers from the Treasury Unit.

  • EMAS part 1 classes

    There is a change of classes of EMAS part 1 classes. The date and classes involved are:

    22/March/2014 EMA705 by Dr Yarina/Dr Nor Hafiza and 23/March/2014 by Prof Dr. Zaliha". 

Welcome to Centre of Graduate Studies (CGS)

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is Malaysia's premier institution of higher learning that has experienced a phenomenal growth since its inception in 1956. Its formation is based on a vision of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence that is capable of providing leadership in all fields of internationally recognized professional study. During these years of growth, UiTM has built on the educational infrastructure to a level comparable to many international universities. UiTM Sabah through the Institute of Graduate Studies (IPSis) provides relevant postgraduate programmes that are designed to meet individual needs and preferences. These programmes are structured with an interdisciplinary approach that provides both the 'depth and breath' with the course work framework providing the necessary theoretical content for managerial functions while the thesis requirement emphasizing industry research, based on candidates professional experience. It is to all intent and purpose a professional postgraduate degree.