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MDAB Coordinator,
UiTM Sabah Tawau Campus
KM36, Apas Balung
Peti Surat 61372
91032 Tawau, Sabah


Tel No: 089-951655/611
Fax No: 089-951644
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Qualification Categories

»» Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/Equivalent to 3 credits which include Bahasa Melayu, and not qualified to apply for UiTM diploma programmes.

»» Parents’ monthly income is less than RM4,000 regardless of the location (urban/suburban or rural area) and the number of dependents.

i. The offer is valid for only one (1) application. Thus, successful candidates should grab the opportunity given. Once offered, candidates are required to abide by the UiTM rules and regulations as it is a once in a lifetime offer.

ii. Students who successfully completed and passed this (MDAB) programme will be offered to continue to Diploma programmes according to the rules and qualifications set by the UiTM Student Admission Department.

iii. Only staff who are appointed by UiTM are authorized to handle the application form.

iv. The offer will be automatically nullified if candidates are NOT Bumiputeras.

v. Application can be done by filling in the forms provided and attaching all required documents. Please submit the completed application forms to the Department of Academic Affairs, UiTM Sabah.

General and Entry Requirements

1. General Requirements:

  1. Bumiputeras ONLY
  2. Students from low-income and poor families
  • Unable to continue their education due to poverty
  • Parents’ with a monthly gross income of LESS THAN RM4,000

2. Entry Requirements:

  1. Bumiputeras with MALAYSIAN citizenship aged 16 and above
  2. SPM qualification with 3 credits including BM

3. Entry Requirements for Pre-Diploma (Commerce) Programme

  1. Passed in Mathematics
  2. Passed in English

4. Entry Requirements for Pre-Diploma (Science) Programme

  1. Credit in Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
  2. Passed in English
  3. AND passed in any of these Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Science)

5. Additional Requirements

  1. Physically healthy, free from mental illnesses and capable of participating in any planned programmes.

6. Apart from these requirements, approval can only be granted by the VICE CHANCELLOR.

MDAB Mission Activities

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For Futher Enquiries, Please Contact:

MDAB Coordinator,
MDAB Unit (Academic Affairs Department),
UiTM Sabah Branch,
Locked Bag 71 88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Telephone: 088-325183/188/238 Fax: 088-325186


MDAB Unit (Academic Affairs Department)
UiTM Sabah kampus Tawau,
KM 36 Jln Apas Balung,
Peti Surat 61372,
91032 Tawau Sabah
Tel No :089-951655/611
Faks :089-951644