The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management main campus is located in Shah Alam, Selangor. There are four departments under the faculty which include Hotel, Tourism, Food Service and Culinary Arts. The Tourism Department was established in the year 1974. It was where the first tourism management program was ever introduced in Malaysia. The program started with Diploma in Tourism Administration and followed by Certificate in Travel Operation in 1985. As the leading tourism program in Malaysia, the department is served by qualified lecturers with PhDs and Masters in Tourism Management. At the moment, the department offers Diploma in Tourism Management, B.Sc. (Hons) in Tourism Management, MSc in Tourism Management and PhD in Tourism Management. Tourism has been and will continue to be Malaysia’s key economic activity. It is vital to expose the students the ares of tourism and hospitality in the professional field in order to equip them with the know-how within the industry. Apart from the programs offered particularly in tourism, the faculty is the first education institution in Malaysia uses the Online Reservation System in learning class. This is in line with the need for a paradigm shift from traditional theory learning practice to continuous life long learning. Online Reservation System is the real live training account accessible by students for training purposes. Student will get access and hands on training on the real system and mastering the basic reservation and ticketing. Currently UiTM is the only higher learning education institution in Malaysia that has been given the access to use the online (real-time) facility. This means that actual booking of airline seats done in UiTM classroom is captured in airline host system and response generated by airline is real. Other institutions are mainly using a CD-based interactive system where it is fixed and not online with the airline host system. We always strive for the best and recognize the need for changes when fulfilling student’s learning experience..