haijon newDr. Haijon Gunggut
UPENA Coordinator
Menara Ilmu,
UiTM Cawangan Sabah,
Beg Berkunci 71,
88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel No : 088-325151



To become a centre of academic publication that is highly regarded in the region of Borneo.


To publish referred writings in the form of articles, monographs, books, edited books or journals produced by the lecturers of UiTM Sabah and its other academic staffs.


To increase the number of referred publication in UiTM Sabah.. 

Client Charter

UPENA of UiTM Sabah pledges to;

  • Come up with at least two (2) referred publication every year.
  • Complete the editing work and referral within six (6) months from the date of receiving the manuscript.
  • Publish the manuscript that had already been edited and referred within (1) month.
  • Organises activities such as writing for specific purposes, desktop publishing, indexing, and translation courses.
  • To hand over work that has been published to the writers and the people concerned with marketing within two (2) weeks.

UPENA Activities

  • To coordinate all activities pertaining to academic publication in UiTM Sabah.
  • To control and keep tabs on all academic publication in UiTM Sabah
  • To authorize printing for all academic publication in UiTM Sabah.
  • To publish referred writing for specific purposes and desktop publishing from time to time.
  • To carry out publication in the form of digests, bulletins at the level of programs as a starting point for new lecturers to get involve in publication.
  • To publish students’ abstract for their project papers.
  • To publish lecturers’ proceedings and abstract.
  • To organise workshops/ courses pertaining to writing and publication.
  • To organize talks/ seminars for the purpose of publication.
  • To carry out editing work for works produced by the University.
  • To carry out referral work for works produced by the University.
  • To ensure that the writing produced follow a recognized convention set by the University.
  • To produce speeches that are of quality for the management of UiTM.
  • To endeavor towards producing referred journals in the field of social science and science in general.
  • To accept and process manuscripts that have been submitted to the University Publication Unit in the form of monographs, books of authentic version and books of abridged version.
  • To process articles submitted for publication in the referred form to the University.
  • To process articles to be published in the form of digests, bulletins and so on in the University.