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No name Coordinator
Menara Ilmu,
UiTM Cawangan Sabah,
Beg Berkunci 71,
88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel No : 088-325151


  • To provide facilities and equipments for research activities.
  • To organize training programmes on research methodology.
  • To provide small research grants.
  • To evaluate and support research proposals for the purpose of grant application.
  • To liase with IRDC.


To become an effective and competent unit which aims at maintaining and bringing to greater heights the culture of doing research, consultation and commersialiation among the academic staff of UiTM Sabah Campus for the progress of the University, state and country.


To encourage the academic staff of UiTM Sabah Campus to get involve in research, consultation expertise and contribute towards commercialization so that the culture of learning can continue and established in UiTM Sabah Campus.


  • To increase the number of academic staff involved in research, consultation and comercialization.
  • To promote quality and continuous research of world-class standards.
  • To manage, coordinate and provide necessary services for successful research, consultancy and projects for commercialization.
  • To disseminate information and provide training on research, consultancy, intellectual property and commercialization.
  • To work hand in hand with UiLC to encourage academic staff to use their expertise and ability to generate networking.

Client Charter

  • To organize seminars/courses/workshops and so on pertaining to research, consultation and commersialiation at least ones a year
  • To make known to all academic staff the opportunities available in the field of research, consultation and commersialiation at least a week after receiving information about them.
  • To become a mediator between UiTM academic staff and outside agencies to accopmplish projects on research, consultation and commersialiation.
  • To set-up an evaluating team that would estimate the cost of research project.
  • To check on works being carried out on research, consultation and commercialization by UiTM academic staff done on by at least ones in every 3 months.

Organization Chart

This unit is headed by a coordinator who is elected on a contract basis by the Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) from time to time. Since 1994 to 2006, nine coordinators have served this post as shown below:

No. Year    Coordinators
01  1994   Abdul Aziz Harjin
02  1995   Abdul Aziz Harjin
03  1996   Datin Zainab Mohamed
04  1997   Datin Zainab Mohamed
05  1998   Assoc. Prof. Mat Zin Mat Kib
06  1999   Dr. Zamali Hj Tarmudi
07  2000   Ag. Bakar Ag. Tatam
08  2001   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Abdul Rahman
09  2002   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mohd Said
10  2003   Mohd Fairuz Bachok
11  2004   Mohd Fairuz Bachok
12  2005   Abdul Manap Mahmud
13  2006   Abdul Manap Mahmud