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In 1 February 2009, the Research, Industrial Linkages, Community and Alumni Network Division was officially established in UiTM Sabah. The division was created especially to encourage research activities in UiTM as one way to uplift the university to a research university status, as well as to strengthen the bond with the industries, community and alumni. The activities done by the division are seen as mutually beneficial for all parties involved, that will eventually contribute to the development and growth of the nation as a whole.

This division is headed by a Deputy Rector and assisted by eight unit coordinators and three administrative officers. The units under this division are:

i. Administration Office
ii. Research Management Unit
iii. Unit of Industrial Linkages, Community and Alumni Network (ICAN)
iv. Strategic Planning Unit
v. Unit Tunas Mekar (UTM)
vii. Penerbit UiTM (UiTM PRESS)
viii. Institute of Leadership and Quality Management (ILQaM)
ix. Local Government Studies’ Unit

The first Deputy Rector for this division was Datuk Dr Hj Abdul Kadir Hj Rosline, who was elected on July 15, 2010. In Oktober 2010, Dr Rozita @ Uji Mohammed became the new Deputy Rector for this division up until today.


  • To encourage and manage research activities effectively
  • To establish professional and integral connections between the university and external agencies
  • To promote active participation among researchers that will facilitate in producing high quality research that can be commercialized
  • To assist researchers in managerial matters regarding research and consultation activities through the efficient and systematic use of fund
  • To offer advices, an integrated information database, and a knowledge centre for research and consultation activities for industries through professional mutual understanding and agreement
  • To give full support for efficient research and industrial linkages activities
  • To administer discussion and preparation activities for good strategic planning plans for the university

Client Charter

We pledge to give our best service by:

  • Ensuring all workshops/courses/seminars will be conducted by all units at least seven (7) times per year
  • Submitting research proposals to Research Management Institute after one (1) day of acceptance
  • Ensuring all reports to be completed in three (3) days and submitted to the requesting units/departments/faculties
  • Assisting lecturers in research and consultation activities
  • Ensuring one hundred (100) research application and fifty (50) research registration per year be submitted to Research Management Institute (RMI)
  • Coordinating at least three (3) industrial linkages activities per year
  • Monitoring entrepreneurial activities so that it will be implemented effectively and efficiently
  • Ensuring at least two (2) entrepreneurial development activities will be implemented on a yearly basis
  • Ensuring all strategic planning strategies will be compiled and recorded systematically so that it can be monitored effectively
  • Ensuring at least thirteen (13) undergraduates are elected to participate in the Tunas Mekar Negeri Sabah program
  • Ensuring at least two (2) Tunas Mekar Program graduates are successful to be an entrepreneur in their respective projects.

Function Chart

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