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Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs

Ujana Sarjana,
UiTM Cawangan Sabah,
Beg Berkunci 71,
88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Tel No :088-325186
Fax No: 088-493995
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To be a centre of excellence for academic management.


To manage and coordinate all academic management activities with full responsibility.


  • » To mould students into becoming individuals who adhere to the procedures and academic regulations of UiTM.
  • » To produce students who excel academically.
  • » To provide the latest teaching and learning facilities.
  • » To ensure that the teaching faculty is sufficient to meet the manpower requirements of the various academic programmes offered.

Clients’ Charter

  • » To disseminate information regarding academic rules, academic management schedules and the latest procedures to all students, lecturers and staff of the Academic Affairs Department through circulars, notices or briefings within three (3) days upon receipt of such information.
  • » To provide basic facilities for lecture rooms and monitor the cleanliness of such rooms at least twice (2 times) a month.
  • » To ensure that Programme Coordinators/Coordinators organize student guidance clinics for critical courses at least once a semester.
  • » To obtain reports on the presence of lecturers in lecture rooms from Programme Coordinators/Coordinators at least once a month.
  • » To obtain reports on the absence of students who achieve only 10% of the total lecture hours.
  • » To carry out Academic Mission programmes in at least four different places/locations twice (2 times) a year.
  • » To ensure that the passing rate of students does not fall below 90% every semester.
  • » To ensure that the number of teaching staff tallies with the needs of the institution based on the lecturers’ workload.

Main Function

There are 5 functions:

1- General Administration
2- Managing the intake and study plans of students
3- Managing students’ records
4- Managing the printing needs of the Academic Affairs Department
5- Managing students’ final examination

{tab Function 1}

  • Managing the daily activities of the Academic Affairs Department.
  • Managing the needs of the support activities for teaching and learning (Students’ Academic Visits etc.)
  • Managing the leave records of lecturers and administrative staff of the Academic Affairs Department.
  • Managing the monthly reports of punch cards of lecturers and administrative staff of the Academic Affairs Department.
  • Managing and updating the records of lecturers’ workload.
  • Serving as the secretariat responsible for conducting Academic Committee Meetings, Academic Administrators Meetings and Academic Staff Meetings.
  • Serving as the secretariat for the Academic Mission Committee.

{tab Function 2}

  • Preparing a projection of new student intake.
  • Managing the intake of new students in UiTM Sabah Branch.
  • Assisting potential candidates in online registration.
  • Carrying out academic mission programmes to assist potential candidates from rural areas to further their studies in UiTM.
  • Managing and coordinating the preparation of students’ timetable using SSS/ICReSS.
  • Managing the needs and facilities of lecture rooms.
  • Keeping and updating the syllabus and course/study structure of students.
  • Mengurus proses pemilihan kursus bagi pelajar peringkat Pra Diploma.

{tab Function 3}

  • Managing the registration of new and old students.
  • Updating students’ records and study plans in iSIS.
  • Maintaining records in students’ personal files.
  • Preparing class lists for lecturers’ reference.
  • Managing students’ applications for change of programmes.
  • Managing students’ applications for change of status from full time to part time.
  • Managing students’ applications for change of campus.
  • Managing and updating students’ applications for special leave.

{tab Function 4}

  • Printing official materials like syllabi, test questions, quizzes, etc. for lecturers..
  • Printing official materials for departments/units in UiTM Sabah Branch (for those in need of digital printing).

{tab Function 5}

  • Managing students’ course registration.
  • Updating students’ course registration in iSIS.
  • Managing the validation of course registration for the perusal of lecturers and students.
  • Managing students’ examination slips.
  • Managing and reviewing students’ applications for credit exemptions.
  • Managing and preparing students’ examination timetable for UiTM Sabah Branch.
  • Managing and preparing the master copy of question papers.
  • Managing and printing examination papers when the need arises.
  • Managing and conducting students’ final examination.
  • Managing and reviewing examination marks in iSIS.
  • Conducting examination meetings at both programme and Academic Committee levels.
  • Managing appeals for the rechecking of final examination results and students’ applications to continue their studies.
  • Managing the correction/review of students’ final examination results.