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Centre of Graduates Studies (CGS) 

Menara Ilmu,
UiTM Cawangan Sabah,
Beg Berkunci 71,
88997 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
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The Master’s program in Accountancy began in 1996 as a joint collaborative program between UiTM and Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Since 1999, the collaborative program has evolved into UiTM’s own Master of Accountancy Program. This program aims to educate students to be critical, analytical and ethical at the managerial level. It is designed with the objective of providing professional accounting graduates to fulfill the manpower needs of both the public and private sectors.

Besides the Shah Alam campus, this program is also conducted in UiTM Sarawak, UiTM Terengganu and UiTM Melaka.

In UiTM Sabah, the program is conducted on a part-time basis . The MAcc program is conducted in such a way that all courses will be completed within 2 1/2 years. Classes are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays on campus in Kota Kinabalu. At the moment, the program is conducted on a cohort basis.


UiTM Sabah buat julung kalinya melalui Pusat Pengajian Siswazah akan menawarkan program Executive Masters of Administrative Science (EMAS – AM 770). Penawarkan program ini sebagai kesinambungan daripada program Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) dan Bachelor of Administrative Science (BAS) yang ditawarkan di kampus KoTta Kinabalu.

Pusat Pengajian Siswaza UiTM Sabah kini mengendalikan program-program berikut; Executive of Business Administration (EMBA), Masters of Accountancy (MAC) dan Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), PhD (mixed mode) dan MSc melalui penyelidikan dalam berbagai bidang. Jumlah pelajar ini dijangka bertambah pada semester terdekat sejajar dengan cadangan penawaran program-program baru seperti Masters of Administrative Science (MAS - AM780) dan PhD dalam berbagai bidang.


This programme is designed for experienced business executives. The EMBA program has been carefully structured in order to ensure that all courses can be completed within two years even while the executive continues to handle his or her professional duties full-time. This is accomplished by offering courses on Saturdays and Sundays during the two years duration of the programme. An independent research project has to be completed during the second half of the programme.

This programme ensures that the participating executives are able to upgrade their managerial skills, broaden their perspectives and improve their opportunities for advancement into higher management. Essentially, this also benefits their organizations.


UiTM provides a relevant doctoral programme that is designed to meet individual needs and preferences. It is structured with an interdisciplinary approach that provides both the ‘depth’ and ‘breath’ of business management. The course work framework provides the necessary theoretical content for managerial functions while the thesis requirement emphasizes industry-based research, based on candidates’ professional experiences. It is to all intent and purposes a professional doctoral degree.